Frequently Asked Questions

Q&A about the Brain Injury Navigator.

Learn more about our Service that is designed to help individuals with brain injury live independently.


Q: I didn’t see the service that I need listed.  Are there other additional services not listed?

A: It doesn’t necessarily mean that the Navigator can't assist you.  There are MANY services that are not listed that we are still able to help our clients with!  Please contact Cassandra Riley to speak with her about your needs.


Q: Do you take insurance?

A: Unfortunately at this point in time, this service is an out-of-pocket service. We do not work with insurance.  BUT we are very flexible in our scheduling, and can work with your budget!


Q: Do you come to my home, or see me in the community?

A: In some cases, depending on your goals, we will need to come to your home, but in a lot of cases, we can meet via video chat, or speak over the phone.  This even saves you money in travel!


Q: I believe I would only need the Navigator service maybe once a month, can you do that?

A: The Navigator is incredibly flexible, and can meet as little as you need. A lot of times our clients do not want someone to come in every week, so it can be bi-weekly, monthly, or even just a couple times a year!


Q: Who is this service for? My nephew has a brain injury, and I know my sister needs some help managing his care, are you able to assist her?

A: The Navigator is designed to help many people in addition to the individual with the brain injury.  This could be family members, friends, colleagues, care workers, or other professionals.


Q: How do we start the referral process for the Navigator Service?

A: We actually dont require a referral from any professional for you to sign on with this service.  To get started simply contact Cassandra Riley, to discuss your goals, and she will determine if the Navigator Service will be able to assist you. From there you just need to sign some paperwork, and we can get started on your assessment!


Q: Are you HIPAA Compliant?

A: Yes! The initial paperwork you sign will discuss how we are HIPAA Compliant, and you will need to sign a Release of Information for anyone who you may want the Navigator to speak with.


Q: I know that I need assistance with grocery shopping, but how do I find out if the Navigator can help me with other areas I may need assistance with?

A: When hiring the Navigator, we complete an assessment to determine what areas you might need assistance in.  This assessment can help you set goals in your areas of need.


Q: How did you come up with the Fee pricing for the Navigator?

A: The pricing for the Navigator required extensive research while developing this service; we wanted to make this affordable, since we dont take insurance.  However, there isn't another service like the Navigator offered in CT, so we had to research other states.  Once we found data to compare, we determined our pricing should come in significantly lower than what others are charging, since our goal is to help the individuals who have "fallen through the cracks".


Q: Why should I choose the Navigator?

A: When hiring the Navigator, you are enlisting in the expertise of the entire team at BIAC.  We are all Certified Brain Injury Specialists, with different backgrounds that can assist a wide variety of clients' goals.  In addition to our knowledge base at BIAC, we have a large network of professionals we can reach out to, to make sure our clients find and receive the best care possible.


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