The HelpLine is free of charge and is operated by the Brain Injury Alliance of Connecticut (BIAC). Staffed by Certified Brain Injury Specialists, there are many ways to access the HelpLine:

  • Call 860-219-0291
    During regular business hours (Mon–Thurs 8:00 am–4:30 pm; Friday 8:30 am–2:00 pm) callers will be immediately transferred to a Certified Brain Injury Specialist, if one is available. For those who leave a message, a Certified Brain Injury Specialist will respond the same day as possible. Those who contact BIAC outside of regular business hours may leave a message and a Certified Brain Injury Specialist will return calls during the next business day.
  • Online
    Inquiries can also be submitted by emailing us at A Certified Brain Injury Specialist will contact you as soon as possible, normally by the next business day.
  • Individual Consultation
    An in-person consultation with a Certified Brain Injury Specialist can be provided in our accessible Windsor office by calling 800-278-8242  or 860-219-0291 to schedule an appointment.
  • Facebook
    BIAC also receives inquiries via our Facebook page, although we remind you that some comments and postings on Facebook are visible to the general public. As such, we recommend that any sensitive medical or personal information not be submitted to us through this platform. All submissions will be acknowledged as soon as possible. Please remember that Certified Brain Injury Specialists are only available during BIAC’s regular office hours.
  • Support Groups
    BIAC also offers Support Groups throughout the state to provide individuals with brain injuries and family members the opportunity to connect with each other for peer-to-peer support.

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