BIAC for Professionals
There are numerous ways a professional working in the brain injury community or working with an individual with a brain injury can get help from the Brain Injury Alliance of Connecticut (BIAC).

HelpLine: Contact the HelpLine and speak with a Certified Brain Injury Specialist who can provide individualized support, guidance and resources. Substance abuse treatment providers looking for brain injury resources; hospital care coordinators creating discharge plans; educators with questions regarding learning after a brain injury; state agency personnel and coaches looking for specific concussion resources are all examples of the types of professionals that utilize the HelpLine and receive assistance.

Providers Council: All BIAC Members at the Business/Professional level have the option of joining Providers Council. Providers Council members meet bi-monthly with other professionals to come together around issues important to organizations serving individuals with brain injury in Connecticut.

Annual Professional Conference: Attend BIAC’s yearly professional conference held annually in March. More than 275 professionals gather to learn about the newest developments in brain injury presented by leading national and international experts in the field.

Resource Presentations: Arrange for customized presentations for a variety of target audiences at your organization, school or within the community. Brain injury prevention, community resources, and returning back to work after a brain injury are a few examples of presentations offered. Contact Bonnie Meyers, Director of Programs and Services, at 860.219.0291 x304 or via email to schedule a presentation for your organization.

Brain Injury Prevention Programs: BIAC offers prevention programs for children, parents, coaches and educators. Topics include the signs and symptoms of concussions, bicycle, road and water safety, and the consequences of risky behaviors. Click here for a full list of our free programs.