Pediatric Resources

Q.  What resources are available after a child or adolescent has sustained a brain injury?

Pediatric Neuropsychologists: A pediatric neuropsychologist is a clinical psychologist who has special training in how the brain affects a child's functioning.  Pediatric neuropsychologists can conduct evaluations that can guide medical professionals, therapists, teachers, and parents in supporting children and adolescents with brain injury.  For information on pediatric neuropsychologists in your area of the state, contact the BIAC Helpline at 1-800-278-8242 or  

Department of Developmental Services (DDS): A statewide system which provides support and services to persons with intellectual disability.  Is brain injury considered an intellectual disability? According to the American Psychiatric Association, intellectual disability can be caused by head trauma during childhood and some types of acquired brain injury during childhood (anoxia, infections to the brain, pediatric stroke, etc.).  

Children & Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CYSHCN) (ages birth -21) provides comprehensive and coordinated health care for income-eligible children who have, or are at elevated risk for chronic physical, developmental, behavioral or emotional conditions. The program is administered by the Conn. Dept. of Public Health and is accessed through the Child Development Infoline.  There are Child Development Care Coordinators to provide education on development, behavior management strategies and programs, make referrals to services, and provide advocacy and follow-up as needed. Please call 800.505.7000.

CT Family to Family Health Information Center (F2F HIC), PATH Parent–to-Parent  Family Voices of CT has Health Information Specialists. They assist families in navigating health care systems, provide information, education, training, support and referral services, and offer One to One Connection to a family who has similar needs and experiences. Please call1.800.399. PATH (7284)  or 203.234.9554 .
CT Family Support Network (CTFSN), is a network of families who have children with disabilities. They are parents interested in helping other parents to find the supports they need. Support can include information related to in home support, respite care, health care, child care, accessible transportation, parent networking and support, home and vehicle modifications, assistive technology, inclusive education programs, recreation, summer camps and after school programs. Please call  860.657.8180.

CT Parent Advocacy Center (CPAC)  is a statewide nonprofit organization that offers information and support to families of children with any disability or chronic illness, age birth through 26 in addressing educational support. Services are free.  CPAC is located at 338 Main Street, Niantic, CT 06357.  Please call 800.445.2722 or email: 

The Katie Beckett Waiver/Deeming Waiver/2176 Model Waiver enables children with severe disabilities to be cared for at home and be eligible for Medicaid based on the individual’s income and assets alone. Without the waiver, the income of legally liable relatives is counted when the individual is cared for at home. ELIGIBILITY: Individuals with severe disabilities age 21 or younger; Individual’s income at or below 300% of the SSI federal benefit rate; Asset limit is $1000. Legally liable relative’s income is waived. For more information or to apply call the Medical Utilization Review Unit at the Department of Social Services (DSS) Central Office, 800. 445.5394. 

State Education Resource Center (SERC)  is a nonprofit agency primarily funded by the CT State Department of Education. SERC provides information dissemination in the latest research and best practices to educators, service providers, and families throughout the state. The SERC Library offers a comprehensive collection of resources for educators and parents, including tests, sample BEST portfolios, online journals, a DVD and video collection, CD-ROM programs, young people's disability awareness literature, and reference and research materials. SERC is located at  25 Industrial Park Road, Middletown, CT.  Please call 860.632.1485.


Directions: Resources for Your Child’s Care Workbook is a publication of Department of Public Health (DPH) created for the parent/caregiver of a child with special health needs. The workbook can provide an outline to help plan and coordinate care for the child.  Directions offers ways to organize your child’s health information, information about caring for your child’s special needs, resources, and tips from other parents of children with special health care needs.  Please call 860.509.8000.


Brainline Kids: Helping kids with traumatic brain injury.
LEARNet:  A Resource for Teachers, Clinicians, Parents and Students with brain injury.