• Road to Rehabilitation after Brain Injury: Your GPS for Navigating CT’s Healthcare, Social Service and Disability System —This comprehensive publication, compiled by one of BIAC’s Brain Injury Specialists, is intended to assist individuals with brain injuries and their families in negotiating the CT Healthcare system. 
  • Acute Brain Injury Guide - This booklet provides basic information about brain injury and its treatment. Please read it at your own pace. As you learn more about the brain, you will have many questions. Members of the health care team will do their best to answer your questions. Definite answers may not be known because the long term effects of brain injury can be difficult to predict. 
  • Making Life Work after Brain Injury: A Family Guide For Life At Home -This new publication was adapted, with permission, from the Brain Injury Association of Florida. This booklet is designed to help make the transition from rehabilitation facility to home, and to assist family members in managing cognitive and behavioral changes that often occur with brain injury. This booklet is intended to assist family members in coping with brain injury on a long-term basis by providing everyday practical suggestions for living with brain injury.
  • Concussion: A Guide for Parents - This booklet, adapted with permission from the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey, was developed as a guide to help parents of children who are recovering from a concussion, to educate them about concussion, and to describe some of the complexities of concussion management.
  • Social Security Administration & Disability Benefits -This booklet contains information on disability benefits through the Social Security Administration (SSA).  If an indiviudal is unable to work for a year or more as a result of their disability, then they may be eligible for benefits.
  • Brain Injury, A Guide for Educators - This booklet provides information for school professionals about brain injury and how it affects students, including accommodations and strategies to assist students in the classroom.  
  • Brain Injury, A Guide for Families About School - This booklet provides information for parents of students with brain injury about the services available through the school system following brain injury, including information on the initial referral to special education services, the Planning & Placement Team, and the differences between the IEP and 504 Plan.  
  • The Helping Students with Brain Injury Series is meant to be a tool for school professionals and parents.  Each sheet in the series addresses various areas that can be affected after brain injury, and includes strategies for the classroom and sample IEP goals.  The series was originally developed by the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey, and adapted, with permission, by the Brain Injury Alliance of Connecticut.
We encourage you to explore the various sheets and remain flexible in trying different strategies until you find the one that works.  All brain injuries are unique and all students have different strenghts and weakeness, therefore different strategies may or may not work depending upon the student, the class, and the time of the day, among other factors.  Once you find a strategy that works, use it consistently and share it with others who work with that student.  Also, if you have additional ideas for strategies that have worked for you, please share them with us at 

Helping Students with Brain Injury