Support Groups

In-Person Meetings being offered!!!

Please check with specific group leaders for information on alternative, remote group meeting options

BIAC sponsors approximately 12 support groups throughout Connecticut, giving individuals with brain injuries and their caregivers the opportunity to connect and share their stories.  Click Here for current listing of the support groups in Connecticut. Facilitated by both an individual with a brain injury or a family member, and a professional, the support groups are extremely fluid in responding to the interests of their attendees. While most groups are open and welcome all individuals with brain injuries who wish to attend, several of BIAC’s Support Groups focus on individuals with a commonality that helps direct the content so that it is relevant to their current situation.

There are groups for individuals who have an acquired brain injury due to stroke, for working individuals and for veterans with brain injury, just to name a few. Individual support groups occasionally host guest speakers at their meetings or plan special social events. Check back frequently to see if there are any upcoming presentations that may be of interest to you.

To find out more about BIAC's support groups, please contact Devon Julien, Brain Injury Specialist @ or call 860-219-0291 x302.

 Click Here for current listing of the support groups in Connecticut. 


Unaffiliated Support Groups

PINK Concussions, a non-profit focusing on women and girls with concussions from sports, domestic violence, accidents or military service, facilitates online support groups for women, teen girls, and their parents/spouses/caregivers. PINK Concussions moderates these online support groups for over 3,800+ members including separate groups for women, young women under age 25, caregivers/parents, as well as professional groups for clinicians who work in brain injury. All groups are free and moderated by founder and Licensed Clinical Social Worker LCSW, Katherine Snedaker and a volunteer staff. Topics in the Women’s Group will address women's issues with PCS and employment, spouses, and/or being a parent. The group for women under age 25 will address school and college age issues. Each woman can chose which group best fits her needs.  There are five groups plus a 6th group for young women who want to be interns:

1. PINK Women’s Group 

2. PINK Young Women’s Group (for women under age 25)

3. PINK Caregivers/Parents

4. PINK Medical and Research Professionals including First Responders

5. PINK Veterans