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March is Brain Injury Awareness Month and the best way to raise awareness is through personal stories of how brain injury has affected you.

Every brain injury is unique and every person’s story, whether they are a person with a brain injury or family member has a different story to tell.  Help us raise awareness about brain injury by sharing your story!  Submit your story below, and the Brain Injury Alliance of Connecticut will share your story on our Facebook page at during March for Brain Injury Awareness Month, with the #BrainInjuryMyStory.  To view stories from this year and previous years, search #BrainInjuryMyStory on Facebook.  

Help to raise awareness of brain injury—one story at a time!   Share your story by completing the information below Kate's story. 

Did your loved one sustain a brain injury?  We want to hear your story as well - share your story!

Learn more about how to raise awareness for Brain Injury Awareness Month.