Legislative Advocacy

Through legislative and state government initiatives, BIAC works to improve the quality of life for people living with brain injuries while supporting initiatives to help prevent brain injuries from occurring.

Learn more about BIAC’s current legislative efforts by visiting our Legislative Issues page.

BIAC believes that services for individuals with brain injury and funding for those services are inadequate. Individuals with brain injury don't receive nearly the same services and resources as those with other disabilities. In short, people with brain injury are being left behind, kept from returning to work, school, and home.

That's where you come in. Make your voice heard!  Whether it is through your own personal story about brain injury, through your experience in helping people with brain injury, or a passion to make a difference, join BIAC in our efforts.

One way to be heard is to vote.    For questions and answers about the election process contact the CT Secretary of the State (SOTS) online or call 860.509.6200.  SOTS has also created a 'Fact Sheet for the Voter who is Temporarily or Permanently Disabled'.

For tools and assistance in learning how to advocate, the following resources may be helpful:

For information about communicating with elected officials, please visit ‘Contact Your Legislator’

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