State Budget FY 15/17

For almost 30 years, BIAC has received an operating grant from the Department of Social Services to provide resources and supports which the State is unable to provide.

The Department of Social Services contracts with BIAC to provide services required as part of the Medicaid ABI Waiver program. The contract with BIAC is used as evidence in several sections of the Waiver application showing that DSS is meeting the obligations of this federal program. BIAC’s responsibilities include:

  • Supporting the Participant in Service Plan Development
  • Independent Advocacy for Participants
  • Information Regarding Participant direction
  • Consultation and resource facilitation
  • Disseminating information to the community related to brain injury.
  • Facilitating monthly support groups throughout Connecticut to provide information and networking opportunities to clients and client families affected by brain injury
  • Statewide toll free support number, fielding calls from persons who have sustained a brain injury, their families, caregivers and service providers
  • Facilitating a Providers Council with meetings 5 to 6 times per year to promote networking and information exchange between providers.
  • Serving as an advocate who informs participants of their rights and supports them at team meetings
  • Training and community education programs
  • Through this vehicle (BIAC) information about the identification and reporting of abuse, neglect is disseminated to clients, families, and their representatives.

No one else does what BIAC does, including the Department of Social Services (DSS), which is why DSS contracts with BIAC to provide the many essential services that it is not equipped to offer. BIAC meets the needs of the State’s brain injury survivors on behalf of DSS as efficiently as it does effectively.

BIAC provides all services at a fraction of what it would cost DSS to provide these services.
BIAC’s work on behalf of DSS reduces the brain injury-related workload at DSS.
BIAC provides critical training and consultation to most of the State key agencies- including DSS, VA, DCF, DPH, DOE, DOC, DMHAS, DDS, and BRS.

Despite an increase of over 600% in calls to BIAC’s helpline, BIAC has not received an increase in our operating grant in over 10 years, and, in fact, we have received only cuts. This FY, our grant has been further reduced to $114,460, which is 13% lower than what we received in 2008. In the Governor's FY15-17 biennial budget the Governor has proposed eliminating BIAC's operating grant completely.

BIAC has been very aggressive in fundraising, increasing non state revenue by over 30% since 2006. This is why we are able to offer these services to the state at a much lower cost. Yet despite our efforts, BIAC is unable to meet the increasingly complex needs of those we support, both Waiver participants and all brain injury survivors, without a modest increase in our state grant.  BIAC provided testimony asking for an increase in the operating grant.  The final outcome was that there was no increase for this budget year.