Legislative Issues

Through legislative and state government initiatives, BIAC works to improve the quality of life for people living with brain injuries while supporting initiatives to help prevent brain injuries from occurring.

Information about current legislative efforts will be posted as it is available below.  The content may change or be updated as we gather new information.

The 2017 Regular Legislative Session convened on January 4, 2017 and will adjourn on June 7, 2017.

Brain Injury Specific Legislation:

S.B. No. 71. AN ACT CONCERNING THE REDUCTION OF CONCUSSIONS IN YOUTH SPORTS. To reduce the instances of concussions in intramural and interscholastic athletics and other youth sports. BIAC Supports.

S.B. No. 768.  AN ACT CONCERNING THE USE OF HAND-HELD MOBILE TELEPHONES AND MOBILE ELECTRONIC DEVICES BY INDIVIDUALS UNDER THE AGE OF EIGHTEEN WHILE DRIVING.  To increase the license suspension period for individual under the age of eighteen who use hand-held mobile devices while driving.  BIAC Supports.  BIAC Testimony

S.B. No. 769.  AN ACT CONCERNING CONCUSSIONS AND YOUTH ATHLETIC ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED ON PUBLIC ATHLETIC FIELDS. To require operators conducting youth athletic activities on public athletic fields to obtain informed consent, to require coaches to complete a training course regarding concussions and to remove from play youth athletes suspected of having a concussion.  BIAC Supports.  BIAC Testimony.

H.B. No. 7048.  AN ACT PROTECTING YOUTH AND STUDENT ATHLETES FROM CONCUSSIONS.  To protect youth and student athletes from concussions.  BIAC Supports.  BIAC Testimony.

H.B. No. 5580.  AN ACT CONCERNING CERTAIN VETERANS DISCHARGED DUE TO POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER OR TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY. To expand eligibility of veterans' benefits to certain veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain injury. BIAC Supports.  BIAC Testimony.

H.B. No. 6054.  AN ACT CONCERNING THE USE OF SEATBELTS. To improve the safety of passengers and reduce the risk of injury by requiring passengers in the back seat of a motor vehicle to wear seat belts.  BIAC Supports. BIAC Testimony.

H.B. No. 6720 and H.B. No. 6956.  ACTS CONCERNING CHILD RESTRAINT SYSTEMS.  To protect children by expanding the existing statute requiring child restraint systems in motor vehicles.  BIAC Supports.  BIAC Testimony.

Other Relevant Legislation:

S.B. 976. AN ACT CONCERNING CONSERVATOR ACCOUNTABILITY. To provide the Probate Court Administrator with the authority to: (1) Audit an account of a conservator of the estate, and (2) adopt, in consultation with the Connecticut Probate Assembly, standards of practice that will provide guidance to court-appointed conservators in the performance of their duties.  BIAC Supports.

HB No. 5515. AN ACT AUTHORIZING BONDS OF THE STATE TO MAKE STATE FACILITIES ACCESSIBLE FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES.    To authorize bonds of the state for the installation of accessible ramps, power assist doors, elevators and accessible bathrooms in state facilities in order to improve accessibility for persons with disabilities.  BIAC Supports.

H.B. No.  6048.  AN ACT REQUIRING THE USE OF HELMETS BY MOTORCYCLE OPERATORS AND PASSENGERS.    To require the use of helmets by motorcycle operators and passengers. BIAC Supports.

HB No. 6885 .  AN ACT CONCERNING MEDICAID REIMBURSEMENT LEVELS FOR PROVIDERS.  To set Medicaid reimbursement levels high enough to ensure an adequate pool of providers.  BIAC Supports.  BIAC Testimony.

BIAC is concerned with issues that remain significant barriers to individuals with disabilities in Connecticut.  To this end, we oppose legislation that negatively impacts individuals with disabilities and those who have low income.

Brain injuries are not just a medical issue. A brain injury can affect every aspect of a person's life (e.g., legal, education, employment, social and family relationships, emotional health, and mobility). Connecticut continues to lag behind many states in its services for individuals with brain injuries.  

For these reasons, we support legislation which would increase the opportunities for individuals to be able to remain in their own communities, have access to transportation, housing and receive the services they need.

If you have any questions regarding any of these issues, please contact BIAC at 860-219-0291 or jpeters@biact.org

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