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Notice of Public Hearing - Tuesday, August 13, 2019

There will be a joint Appropriations and Human Services Commitee public hearing on Tuesday, August 13, 2019 to discuss the renewal of the ABI Waiver II and amendment for ABI Waiver I.   (Please see below for full description of proposed changes and amendments to the waiver) 

Legislative Office Building, Room 2E, 10:00 am.    View agenda here: https://www.cga.ct.gov/2019/APPdata/pha/pdf/2019pha00813-R001000APP-pha.pdf

BIAC will be providing testimony on the proposed changes - click to view BIAC testimony


The Department of Social Services has posted a Notice of Intent (NOI) regarding the upcoming renewal of the ABI Waiver.  Please see below:

Notice of Intent to Renew the Acquired Brain Injury II Waiver and to Amend the Acquired Brain Injury Waiver 

In accordance with the provisions of section 17b-8 of the Connecticut General Statutes, notice is hereby given that the Commissioner of the Department of Social Services (DSS) intends to renew the Acquired Brain Injury II Waiver (ABI II), and amend the Acquired Brain Injury ABI Waiver (ABI I) to align with proposed changes in the ABI II renewal.  The current ABI II waiver expires on November 30, 2019.  There are no changes to eligibility or rates.   
The proposed changes to both the ABI I and ABI II Waivers are as follows: 

  • A Board Certified Behavioral Analyst credential is being added to the list of authorized providers of cognitive behavioral services; 
  • An annual training requirement of six hours of continuing education for Independent Living Skills Training (ILST) providers has been added; 
  • A new provider credential, Certified Adult Day Health Provider, is being added to the list of authorized providers of ABI Group Day Services; 
  • Credentials to provide ABI Group Day have been expanded to include providers beyond those with a CARF certification or JCAHO accreditation; 
  • The name of the “Specialized Medical Equipment and Supplies” service has been replaced with “Assistive Technology,” which more accurately describes the service being provided. Medically-necessary medical equipment is already covered under the Medicaid state plan; 
  • The new “Assistive Technology” service will prohibit the replacement of smartphones, tablets or computers at the Department’s expense within a three year period from delivery to the participant.  In addition, the $10,400 per person annual limit for this service will be replaced with a $15,000 limit over 3 years to align with other Medicaid waiver programs.  

The following change is proposed for the ABI II Waiver only: 

  • 10 reserve slots are being added for current ABI I participants who are unable to self-direct their Personal Care Services and wish to transition to ABI II in order to obtain access to the agency-based Personal Care Services that are available only on ABI II. 

A complete text of the waiver renewal and amendment is available, at no cost, upon request to the Community Options Unit, Department of Social Services, 55 Farmington Ave., Hartford, Connecticut 06105; or via email to shirlee.stoute@ct.gov.  It is also available on the Department’s website, www.ct.gov/dss, under “News and Press,” as well as the following direct link: https://portal.ct.gov/DSS/Health-And-Home-Care/Medicaid-Waiver-Applications/Medicaid-Waiver-Applications

 Any written comments regarding this waiver renewal and amendment must be submitted by July 18, 2019 to the Department of Social Services, Community Options Unit, 55 Farmington Ave, Hartford, CT 06105, Attention: Kathy Bruni, Director; or via email to  Kathy.a.bruni@ct.gov 




Post from the Department of Social Services
Since the end of the five-year ABI 2 waiver period is 11/30/19, the Department of Social Services has initiated its customary internal process of reviewing the waiver’s covered services, utilization of services, and training and credentialing requirements for providers.  Please know that each time a waiver renews, we review all aspects of the waiver to assess what is working well and what might need to be modified. We understand that some information about this process has been made public, and that there may be concerns about what this means for participants of the waiver.  The Department is not taking any action currently that will result in decreasing service plans or taking services away from people.  Unfortunately, this is the information that we have heard is being circulated. We intend to post notice for public comment on the waiver renewal this summer.  We urge all interested parties to contribute comments.  In the meantime, the Department welcomes all stakeholders to share their perspectives on the waiver by contacting Kathy Bruni: via phone at 860-424-5177 or via email to Kathy.a.bruni@ct.gov

For more information, please click here for the Department of Social Services Community Options Website

For a history of ABI Waiver activityclick  here

Please contact the Brain Injury Alliance of Connecticut — general@biact.org or call 860.219.0291 with any questions.