Brain Injury Awareness Events

Each year, March is recognized nationally as Brain Injury Awareness Month. This year alone, 2.87 million Americans will sustain an acquired brain injury. Individuals who have sustained a brain injury are often times misdiagnosed, misunderstood, and under-funded. 

Over the course of this past year, people have faced unprecedented challenges across the nation, and our communities rose to those challenges and showed that brain injury not only changes lives, but it also prepares you for the unexpected.  This year we’re celebrating the resiliency of our communities. Individuals living with brain injury are no strangers to resiliency, and know that life can change in an instant. They serve as remarkable examples of how to live in these unexpected, challenging times. In 2021, join us in #CelebratingResiliency and recognize the people who made that resiliency possible.  Tell us your story of resiliency!  

By taking part in our Brain Injury Awareness Month campaign, you can unite with the millions of citizens living with brain injury and their families who are taking action to ensure their voices are heard.  

There are many ways you can help promote brain injury awareness in your community, especially electronically. Arm yourself with the tools you need to share your connection to our cause, raise awareness about brain injuries, and help distribute our materials. 

Share your connection to BIAC and help raise awareness

  • Help to raise awareness of brain injury - one story at a time! Share your story of resiliency with us using this link, or on your own social media pages with the hashtag #CelebratingResiliency and by tagging us @BrainInjuryAllianceCT. You can use this social media Cover Photo and Graphic for your social media pages or for distribution to spread the word about Brain Injury Awareness Month.
  • Support Our Programs & Help Us Spread the Word—Everyone is at risk for brain injury! ‘Like’ BIAC on Facebook and Instagram, or follow us on Twitter. Throughout the month of March, BIAC will be sharing important information and surprising facts and figures about brain injury. Update your own Facebook cover photo to raise awareness about brain injury.  Sharing these posts with your friends and family will help increase awareness.
  • Contact your local media—Write a letter to the editor informing them about Brain Injury Awareness Month. Share your personal connection with the cause and encourage them to help you spread the word. A Sample Letter to the Editor  is available here to use as a template for reaching out to your local media outlets during the month of March. Don't forget to elaborate on your own connection to brain injury and why Brain Injury Awareness Month matters to you.

Share your support of BIAC

  • Donate to BIAC and help us as we raise awareness of brain injury.  BIAC relies on donations to enable us to provide support and resources to brain injury survivors and community education and training on brain injury throughout the state.  You can donate by clicking here.
  • Host a Community Event or Fundraiser—Individuals and businesses from across the state host diverse events with a common goal: to increase brain injury awareness. Events like Blue Jeans for BIAC, Pajama Day and progressive dinners are just a few examples to inspire you. You can even host a Facebook Fundraiser to support BIAC! The type of event you host is only limited to your imagination! 

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