Understanding Brain Injury

A brain injury is as unique as each person who sustains one. “If you have met one person with a brain injury, you have met one person with a brain injury” is a quote that resonates for many individuals.  Brain injury is not confined to any one age, ethnicity, gender or geographical location. Brain injuries can occur anytime, anywhere, and to anyone. The consequences of brain injury may be apparent (a person is paralyzed on one side) or invisible (a person has memory challenges but does not appear to have a physical disability.) 

There are many variables that can influence the prognosis and rate of recovery from a brain injury, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • type of injury
  • severity of injury
  • location of injury
  • circumstances surrounding the injury
  • age of individual injured
  • premorbidity (state of functionality prior to the occurrence of brain injury)
  • access to supports and services
  • life outlook

BIAC is here to help you understand brain injury, various definitions (including concussions) and causes of brain injury. For more information about brain injury, read our Brain Injury Basics.