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2018 Presentations

Keynote Presentation: The Power & Potency of Social Capital, Al Condeluci, PhD from CLASS and the University of Pittsburgh

What Exactly is Evidence-Based Practice? Finding Evidence in Our Daily Work to Support Our Work Every Day, Tim Feeney, PhD from Belvedere Health Services

Advances in Neurotrauma Care & A Team Approach to TBI Care, David Hwang, MD from Yale School of Medicine; Shale Breite, PT from Yale School of Medicine; Corinne Crane & Stacey Eldredge, Family Members and Members of the Yale BeaTBI Team (Boosting Education & Advocacy for TBI)

Executive Impairment After Mild TBI: A Neuropsychiatric Hypothesis and Potential Treatments, Joseph Trettel, MD from The Ayer Neuroscience Institute at Hartford Hospital

Vestibular Issues After Brain Injury, Ben Wycherly, MD from ProHealth Hearing & Balance

Neuropsychological Evaluations: What They Measure & Practical Strategies, Sarah Bullard, PhD, ABPP from River Valley Neuropsychology and Sarah Raskin, PhD, ABPP/ABCN from Trinity College

The Role of Race, Culture, and Socioeconomic Status in Neuropsychological Assessment, Jennifer Manly, PhD from The Taub Institute at Columbia University Medical Center

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The Principles of Supported Employment & Working with Veterans, Sandra Resnick, PhD, Yale University and VA Northeast Program Evaluation Center

Integrative Healing Modalities After Brain Injury, Tracey Sondik, PsyD from Connecticut Valley Hospital

Building a Community-Based Team Approach That Works, Barbara Nadeau, PhD, OTR/L from Quinnipiac University; Cindy Dupointe, CBIS from Project Genesis; William McEwen, LMSW, CBIS from DMHAS' ABI Program; Corinne Crane, Family Member; Lisa Abbey James, Brain Injury Survivor

  • Panel discussion - no PowerPoint

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