Concussion Awareness in CT

Concussions can occur in any sport or recreation activity. Parents, coaches, athletic trainers, school nurses, teachers, advisors, physicians, and athletes need to know the signs and symptoms of concussion and what to do if a concussion is suspected​.  Concussion is a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and its indicators can be subtle. Symptoms may not appear until days or weeks following the injury or may even be missed, as the individual may look fine.

BIAC has always recognized the importance of keeping your brain safe, and continuously strives to raise awareness about the prevention of brain injury, including concussions.  BIAC was instrumental in drafting and supporting 2010 concussion legislation, An Act Concerning Student Athletes and Concussions, as well as 2014 legislation, An Act Concerning Youth Athletics and ConcussionsIt is important that parents and athletes understand the signs and symptoms of concussion and sign a concussion policy statement at the beginning of each sports season.

BIAC offers concussion trainings and concussion publications aimed at raising awareness about concussion in youth sports.  Help us raise awareness about concussion by sharing these publications with the parents, coaches, athletic trainers, teachers, advisors, physicians and athletes that you know. 

Learn more about concussions, visit our Resource Library for more information, or contact BIAC and Get Help Now.