Brain Injury Trainings

The Brain Injury Alliance of Connecticut provides free educational opportunities for professionals who support those affected by brain injury, as well as those directly affected by brain injury, including people with brain injury and family and friends. Have our staff train you at your facility; the following Training Workshops are available.

BIAC offers free brain injury trainings and prevention presentations (a minimum of 5 attendees required), but asks that groups, schools and organizations requesting trainings and presentations provide a donation to cover travel expenses from the BIAC office in Windsor.  A minimum donation of $50 is requested for travel less than 50 miles round trip (from the BIAC office in Windsor), and a minimum donation of $100 for travel exceeding 50 miles round trip.  The trainings and presentations do not have a cost associated with them (with the exception of travel reimbursement) but we always appreciate your consideration for additional donations if you found the training helpful and valuable.  If you are interested in hosting a training or presentation, please contact Bonnie Meyers, Director of Programs and Services, at 860-219-0291 x304 or, or fill out a Program Request Form.

Overview of Concussion

Participants will be provided an overview of concussion, including signs and symptoms, risk of secondary injury (including Second Impact Syndrome), and guidelines for return to play and return to the classroom following concussion.

Return to Learn After Concussion

Participants will be provided an overview of concussion, including signs and symptoms, as well as recommended best practices for assisting students in returning to the classroom following concussion. 

Introduction to Brain Injury for Professionals

Participants will learn the basic facts about the brain and brain injury, including the causes and consequences of brain injury, living with a brain injury and its effects, and how professionals can assist people with brain injury and their family members.

Brain Injury Basics for Families & People with Brain Injury

Participants will learn about what brain injury is; the incidence of brain injury; the common effects of brain injury; strategies family members can use; tips for caregivers; and resources available to families through the Brain Injury Alliance of Connecticut.

Overview of Brain Injury Resources

Developed as a companion to the booklet Road to Rehabilitation: Your GPS for Navigating CT’s Health, Disability and Social Service Systems after Brain Injury, participants will learn about the continuum of care after brain injury, gaps in the continuum, and resources for assistive technology, transportation, return to work, education, mental health, legal, social/recreational and more. 

Pediatric Brain Injury

Participants will learn about pediatric brain injury, the incidence of pediatric brain injury, causes and consequences of pediatric brain injury, strategies and resources for families, and transitioning to school after pediatric brain injury.

Domestic Violence & Brain Injury

Participants will learn about the intersection of domestic violence and brain injury, causes and consequences of brain injury caused by domestic violence, and strategies for working with individuals who have experienced domestic violence and brain injury. 

Return to Work after Brain Injury: Helpful Strategies/Accommodations for Success

Participants will learn about the cognitive, emotional/behavioral and/or physical issues that may interfere with a smooth transition back to the workplace after brain injury.  Strategies and accommodations that will help the individual successfully return to work will be discussed.