Program Listing

According to the CDC, children and youth are among those most likely to sustain a brain injury, with 511,000 American children under age 14 sustaining a traumatic brain injury (TBI) each year. In fact, acquired brain injury is currently the leading cause of death and disability among children and young adults in the United States.

While the types of events that lead to brain injury sometimes may be beyond our control, brain injury prevention and management education can impact the rate of occurrence and the after-effects.

As such, BIAC offers several school programs tailored specifically for students of all ages—preschool through high school. Programs can be customized and, where noted, are also suitable for parents, coaches, teachers and professionals. All presentations are free of charge.

Contact Bonnie Meyers,, 860-219-0291 x304, or fill out a Program Request Form if you would like BIAC to speak to your school or organization.

I.M. Brainy Bear
A preschool prevention program using our "Brainy Bear" puppet, and a variety of games and songs to teach children about their brain and proper safety behaviors.
30 minutes; Ages 3-5

Street Smart
An early elementary school prevention program using a video, games and interactive discussion to teach safe behaviors, such as wearing seat belts, water safety, school bus safety and bicycle safety.
30 minutes; Grades: K –2

What’s the Big Deal Anyway?
A third-to-fifth grade level presentation focused on bike safety and the importance of wearing seat belts, featuring interactive games, activities, discussion and a short video.
45 minutes; Grades: 3 - 5

Your Brain: Why it’s “NOT JUST a Concussion”
A presentation for middle school students that provides information about the brain, brain injury and recognizing the signs and symptoms of concussions. This presentation uses a video, a game that teaches students about neural connections and activities that demonstrate the consequences of brain injury.
45 minutes; Grades:  6 – 8

On the Edge
A prevention program for high school students that utilizes a video and PowerPoint presentation to explore the potential consequences of risky behaviors.
45 minutes - 1 hour; Grades:  9-12

Use your Head
A powerful high school level prevention program in which a brain injury survivor shares his or her story- including what life is like after a brain injury.  General information about brain injury and brain injury prevention is also provided.
45 minutes – 1 hour; Grades:  9-12

Sports & Concussions
A prevention program designed for athletes, parents and/or coaches, which addresses the recognition of the signs and symptoms of concussion, as well as concussion prevention and management.
45 minutes – 1 hour; Parents, Coaches, Teachers; Professionals; For all ages and grade levels.