Client Stories

Brain injury survivors come from all walks of life. They can be any age, gender or ethnicity. Contrary to what some may think, you may not even know someone is a brain injury survivor until they tell you. That is why brain injury is often called the ‘silent epidemic.’


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Each brain injury survivor has their own story to tell. The cause of injury and the resulting challenges are just as diverse and unique as is each individual. Check back here often as we’ll share some of their inspiring stories with you. If you are a survivor and would like to share your story with us, please contact us at 860-219-0291 or email

Noah M., Brain Injury Survivor
My life story changed in an instant as I had a freak climbing accident and fell 100 feet acquiring a traumatic brain injury. My family has been faced with many challenges on this overwhelming journey of recovery and the Brain Injury Alliance of Connecticut has helped us navigate a number of complicated steps along the way. 

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Donald M., Brain Injury Survivor
I am grateful to BIAC for saving my life. I knew I was in trouble when I realized my home’s heating oil was running low, but my oil company refused to make a delivery because the path to my house was covered in snow. A brain injury survivor of 13 years, I was ill with both bronchitis and pneumonia at the time and didn’t know where to turn for help. Unable to clear the path myself, I called every municipal office in my town, including the fire department and the mayor’s office, looking for assistance. They never returned my calls. Out of desperation, I even tried to contact one of the local news channels for help, with no luck. Then I remembered BIAC.

I called BIAC’s HelpLine and spoke with one of their brain injury specialists. They were kind, compassionate, and most importantly, willing to help. Thanks to their efforts, my heating oil was delivered the next day and my story has a happy ending. They were the only organization that helped me, and I don’t know what I would have done without them.

Joe D., Brain Injury Survivor
I basically I had one foot in the grave, which is really sad to say, yet here I am today. We lived on the west coast in Naples, Italy, I was at a factory on the east coast and was making a long drive back to Naples when I got hit by a truck. I got involved with BIAC because my family needed to know that there were services out there for people with brain injuries.

I have been married for over 30 years. I have a wonderful wife, she has been very supportive of me. I have 2 grown children—a daughter and a son who is very successful in New York City. He got a lot of help from BIAC himself. He realized he had a life to live he had given up his life to be a part of my life for 2 years. And he realized from BIAC that he was able to cut the cord and go on and pursue his career. BIAC convinced Paul that he didn’t need to be a part of my recovery because BIAC would take care of that piece.

It’s great knowing that I’m not the only person out there with a brain injury, and knowing that I am not alone. Without the services that BIAC provides, I would be closed up in the closet, that’s the sad truth of it. I would be quite isolated. They helped me get connected with my past and my current disabilities and learn how to deal with it.